Sundays are always special times in the church. This past month, we celebrated World Communion Sunday and made some noise for hungry kids where we collected $114 in change – IN CHANGE!!! We saw our community grow by celebrating two children of God being brought to the waters for baptism and one new member who, with you vowed to uphold the church by his prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. We also continued the tradition of our 5th Sunday worship with St. Luke’s! All the while talking about what God’s reign looks like and how to enact it on earth. What a month we had and what a cause for celebration! I feel God’s Spirit moving in this place and I hope that you do too. I pray that you catch the excitement that is in the air. God is on the move!

The month of November is a month that should be set aside for thankfulness. Cooler temperatures have finally come, and that is our signal to be truly mindful of the warmth in our souls. This month, we also have four special Sundays – each asking that we come to God with a grateful heart in their own unique way.

On November 5th we celebrate All Saints Sunday. This is one of the holiest Sundays of our church year where we give thanks for the saints of the church who have gone on to the church triumphant. We will light a candle for each of the members who died this past year and remember all of our saints that have helped us on the journey of our faith. On November 12th, not only will we be taking up our noisy offering again for Packs of Kindness, but Michael Hensley will be preaching. This Sunday will offer us a special time to remember and give thanks for all the veterans who have fought for our freedoms. On November 19th, our focus will be on what it means to truly live thanksgiving all year long (not the turkey and dressing part, sadly enough), and then we will decorate our church for the beginning of a new year in the church. The last Sunday of November, we will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent, where we begin our season of preparation for God’s light in Jesus to come again into the winter’s darkness. I cannot think of a anything more worthy of our thanks than God’s son being sent into the world to light our darkness. As we approach Thanksgiving and sing of “raising the glorious harvest home,” God calls us to recognize the gifts and graces that God has given to each and every one of us. While our holiday is a finite event, our continual thankfulness for our blessings will harvest a lifetime of living thanks, of living our blessings and sharing them. In these things we have an unchanging reason for eternal thanksgiving!

In Christ,
Pastor Jenn