This year seems to have flown by! It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Fall Festival, and now it has come and gone. We have had four amazing fifth Sundays with one more to go. This month we have Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day. Then before you know it, Advent and the Christmas season. I would like for our church to have a presence at the Christmas parade, but am not sure what that looks like. I was at a parade the other day where, as we waited for it to start, a church came through and passed out cans of soda with koozies to everyone there. I know that is a lot of resources, but what can we to show the unconditional love of Christ in our community? I heard Mike Ramsdale say once that the person with the power is not the one with the idea, but the first person to say ‘yes’. If you have a idea I could very easily be your ‘Yes man”.

Do you count your blessings? I mean really write them down and put numbers beside them? Sometimes I do but I try to limit my list to one sheet of paper. It is kind of difficult at first, but then they just keep coming. Sometimes my lists start serious and deep and end a little silly. And sometimes it is the other way around, but this exercise always gives you things for which you can give God the Glory! It brings to your remem-brance things that you might not have thanked Him for. I encourage you to take a few minutes and a piece of paper and make a list. God will bless you!