Even though it is still 90 degrees outside, there is something about flipping the calendar over to October that makes me think of pumpkins and fall leaves. Perhaps it is memories of my time in upstate New York. Every year when Fall hit, I thought that God was just showing off in a colorful display of ochers, tangerines, fiery reds and golds. A season of change.

There are a few trees around town that have started to display the beauty that can happen when we begin to let go of the old and embrace the new season. Days turn to sooner twilight. And summer’s growth has turned to harvest. Change is in the air (even if it’s still hot). The season’s transition and the harvest is brought in.

As the people of God, we are called to turn again to God: to turn our hearts to right relationship, to turn any bitterness to forgiveness, to turn our lives to service and justice. In this time of turning, transition and harvest, might we also begin to contemplate what it means not only to be harvesters, but harvest? Au-tumn is the season to bring in the harvest of Pentecost. What will be harvested from our lives in the Spir-it? What will be harvested from Mexia FUMC?

As we think about sharing our “fruitful” harvest with others, think about tomato or zucchini vines. When the first tomato ripens, the gardener is tempted to solitary enjoyment. But as the season progresses and the harvest multiplies, and the bounty must be shared. The abundance of the zucchini vine, too, demands that its yield be distributed to every neighbor—fresh, or in loaves of bread! So too, the fruit of the Spirit cannot be kept to ourselves but must be shared… as God’s branches in the garden of Mexia FUMC! God calls us to recognize the gifts and graces that God has given to each and every one of us. As we continue to grow in the Spirit of Love and bear fruit, there are simultaneously more gospel seeds to be scattered extravagantly and sown abundantly!

As we prepare for busy seasons of Fall Festivals and Packing up kindness, what seeds of hope and love and care will you trust to God and how will you nourish this community in this season of harvest?

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jenn