What a great time it is to be a part of Mexia First United Methodist Church! The vital ministry that we encompass here will transform lives with God’s guidance and help. We have a lot of exciting events and missions to look forward to as we gear up for our Fall schedule! I’m sure as you read this newsletter you will see new Bible Studies beginning, ways to reach out to the community and needs to help support our ministries as a church. I hope you are as ready to dive into these opportunities as I am.

Over the past few months, the one defining attribute that this church has exhibited is a lot of heart. You care for one another and for the ministries of our church. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has led your hearts to be care-full and compassionate. I know this because you gave notebooks and pencils so that kids in our community could start off the school year with a full backpack of supplies and love. I know this because I hear you in the halls on Sunday morning talking about prayer concerns and lifting up joys. I know this because of your continued leadership in programs like Packs of Kindness that address the massive problem of food insecurity in our community. I know this because as we have gone through our worship series on the building blocks of our faith, you have told me stories of the ways in which grace has touched your lives and the ways in which you have heard creation singing.

I can feel God’s Spirit moving in this place. And when God’s Spirit moves as powerfully as it does, we want others to feel it as well. Let’s begin to think of creative ways to include more of the community into what we all know is already happening here. It will stretch us. It will shape us. It will change us.

Let’s remember the mission of this church is to “have FAITH in Jesus Christ, share God’s LOVE and grace, and to take ACTION with that faith and love in order to make disciples for Jesus Christ and the transformation of the world.

In Christ,
Pastor Jenn