The Church Board met in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 pm on 8-17-2017. Those present were Bennie Green, Don Beene, Terry Don Shivers, Donna Williford, Cheryl Hancock, Maurine Day, Bette Thetford, Pastor Jenn and Sherry Miller. Pastor Jenn opened with a prayer and Don Beene approved the minutes as read. Cheryl Hancock seconded it.

Sherry Miller gave the Pre-School report after she told us how much she appreciates the relationship be-tween the Church and the Pre-School. The current enrollment as of 8-21-2017 is 75 – the capacity. They are still recovering financially. They have a Garden Gutter project going on. The gutters need to be redone and fixed where they would drain into a barrel. This will give them water for their garden. They are going to renew their individual accident insurance on every child. Last Monday prayer bears were given to each child and they were much appreciated. On 9-17 they will have a blessing of the toys from the toy shower. There is still some painting to be done. Juan has already painted two rooms upstairs with one more room and the bathroom upstairs still needing to be painted. Also outside painting for the fire escape, etc. and they need an electrician but they all seem to be busy right now.

Maurine gave her financial report. The Trustee Improvement and Repairs totaled $48,775.87 January to July. This includes Foyer windows, doors for Fellowship Hall, Pre-School remodeling, Parsonage painting and flooring and a new dishwasher for the Parsonage. Its also time for the church audit. Maurine has a la-dy who will be doing this in about a month. There will be a 4% distribution of $42,912.92 out of the Endow-ment. This is the twelfth quarter rolling average of the Endowment for January. Don Beene made a motion to accept this and Cheryl Hancock seconded it. Motion carried.

Bette Thetford gave a report on the Worship Team. August 13th is Bless the Back Packs Sunday. Cards were made and put in the folders we gave away on Saturday August 12th at the Mexia Cares school supply give away. This was to let people know about the Bless the Packs in hopes we would have some others that might like to come. World Communion Sunday is October 1st. We plan to have a variety of breads from different countries. If you have a recipe for some bread and would like to bring some we need to have it here on Thursday the 28th. We also talked about the Fall Festival and the idea of having a free meal for the children and decided hot dogs and chips would work better. They would be given a meal ticket. Howev-er we didn’t discuss an age limit so that will have to be decided. November 5th is all Saints Sunday and we plan to have this like we have had in previous years. November 19th is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We plan to have a noon meal of some kind and afterwards those who can help decorate for Christmas will meet in the sanctuary. We did this last year and had enough help that we were done in around an hour. November 2nd starts Advent Sunday. December 2nd will be the 25th year of Breakfast with Santa. We want to really advertise this and get more people in the community to come and bring their children. More plans on this later. Christmas comes on Sunday this year. We will have our regular morning service and our tra-ditional candle light service that night at 6:00 p.m. New Years Eve will also be on a Sunday and Michael Hensley plans to have a great community service then. Our next meeting will be September 20th at 11:00 in the parlor.

The Board decided to have the readers on Sunday morning buy the donuts for the Foyer if they are able. Just going to try this to see how it works out.

We are looking for ideas for Outreach opportunities. One suggestion has been to have a family movie night and open it to the community. If you have any ideas please let us know. Also what do we want our Church to be known for. A family Church, Packs of Kindness? Give us your ideas on this too and be praying about it.

Pastor Jenn closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Bette Thetford, Board Secretary