The Church Board met in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 p.m. on July 20, 2017. Those present were Cheryl Karkheck, Donna Williford, Bennie Green, Terry Don Shivers, Don Beene, Bette Thetford, Maurine Day and Pastor Jenn Pick, who opened the meeting with prayer.

Sherry Miller gave her report on the Pre-School. The current enrollment is 70 children with an expected 75 on August 14th. They have a need decision about Child Care Services Rates and the differentials. They al-so will have the Texas School Ready Report as their grant is approved. Sherry invited us to come and see their new arrangement and improvements. There is still some maintenance needed such as interior and ex-terior painting. The staff will have their individual meeting next week. The Pre-School is still recovering finan-cially. There will be a musical by some of the school-age children on Friday, July 21 at noon and hot dogs will be served. Sherry is talking with Scott Condon about putting a door bell on the side door as all the doors remain locked as a safety factor. Pastor Jenn and Bennie Green brought up the idea of having a toy shower for the Pre-School. Sherry will put out a list of appropriate toys for the Pre-school. Most of this can be found on Amazon or gift cards would be appreciated. There are just certain toys that they can use.

Maurine gave a finance report. The repairs on the Parsonage totaled $10,210.41. Five thousand of this came from the sale of the lot and the balance came from the Trustee’s Endowment monies. They also had to replace the dishwasher. The cost of that was $780.46. Don Beene made a motion to take that out of the Trustee Account. Cheryl Karkheck seconded the motion. Motion carried. Galen Day is working on our sign at the corner of Canton and Commerce using Plexiglas. Regarding the scholarship fund, one of the recipi-ents has picked up their $500.00 but the other one has not. The balance due on our apportionment in $9,01.00m The year to date cost of all repairs on the parsonage, the church, and the pre-school is $47,000. Also there will be a meeting of the Endowment committee on August 9, 2017.

There is a need for a new door going into the Sanctuary by the choir room. The old one needs to be re-placed. Don Beene would like to have a meeting with the Grounds Committee to inspect everything. Also he would like to meet Juan to get his phone number and his schedule so he will know how to reach him if some-thing comes up that he might need him.

Bette Thetford gave a report on the Worship Committee that met on July 12th. They covered many ideas, some of which will be reported on later. Starting in August, we will change the Lay Readers from the Apos-tles Creed to something different, maybe a responsive reading. School starts on August 17th and on August 13th we will have the blessing of the backpacks. Pastor Jenn will be out on September 3rd and 10th. Michael Hensley will preach on the 3rd and Maurine Day will preach on the 10th. Our next meeting will be on August 9th. Pastor Jenn talked to us about some of the things she has been working on and that included coordinating the music with the sermon and the readings. Also, having a song at the end of the service.

There was some information given on the Ministry Safe Program, which is taking the place of the Safe Sanc-tuary Program. Policies and procedures will be following soon. Pastor Jenn closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Bette Thetford, Board Secretary