The Church Board met in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 p.m. on June 15, 2017. Those present were Cheryl Karkheck, Jill Flatt, Donna Williford, Cheryl Hancock, Bennie Green, Pastor Danny Niedecken, Karen Harrison, Bette Thetford and Maurine Day.

Pastor Danny opened with prayer. Cheryl Karkheck approved the minutes as read.

Sherry Miller gave her report on the Pre-School. The total enrolled is 72. She is expecting three new children July 3rd which is their capacity. They still don’t know about Texas School Ready Year 3 grant. If its offered two of the staff want to participate. They will participate only if those two classes are at full enrollment. Fall enrollment is predicted to begin at full capacity. Financial-ly they are still catching up after being very low the entire school year. This process will take most of the summer but should level out since they expect capacity in July and the school year. She stated that the changes the Board approved in order to enroll the younger children at capacity are almost complete. This is what has enabled them to increase their enrollment. She said they appreciate very much the Board making this possible and feel it is the answer to the future of the Pre-School. Sherry also said the work and the transformation have all come together and at the right time. They now have enough room. There is a waiting list to get into the Pre-School and its mostly babies. The new ramp that was built is great for the buggies. So easy to get in and out now. On July 3rd, there will be a Pre-school Patriotic Parade around the church starting at 10:00 a.m. On July 21st, there will be a Musical Matinee Rock & Roll Musical with Group 6a and 6b to perform at 12:00 noon in the Fellowship Hall.

The scholarship committee awarded two scholarships. Boone Crider and Caroline Kendall were each awarded $500.00.

The $3000.00 we received from the sale of Ms. Price’s jewelry was put in the Trustee’s Fund. A Sam’s Club card was purchased in the Church’s name. It will be used to buy items for Packs of Kindness and items for the Church. This will be tax free for all purchases.

Update on repairs at the parsonage: The carpet and laminate will be put in tomorrow June 16th at a cost of $2900.00. Painting will be started Monday of next week. A disposal was put in. Gutters need cleaning and plants need trimming. Some of the furniture from the parsonage is now being used at the church. Three chairs were given to Caritas. A refrigerator from the parsonage and a freezer from the Pre-School will be listed in the newsletter for sale if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

Church work day will be this Saturday June 17th starting at 8:30. No breakfast will be served this time. There is a need for the windows to be cleaned (not the new ones) and the closets in back of the sanctuary. Please take notice of the sidewalk on the Commerce side of the church where it was all buckled up. Mike Lang has fixed it where it is now smooth. You can walk on it and the baby buggies can be pushed on it now. He also cleaned the bricks by the drive into the parking lot at the front and has trimmed trees. We really appreciate all his hard work.

Other issues and items: The youth will be leaving this Sunday evening June 18th for the Youth Mission Trip. It was requested the church pay $625 total for five individuals to attend. Cheryl Karkheck made a motion for this to be paid and Karen Harrison seconded it. Motion carried.

Ministry Safe Program has some new rules concerning people that will be working with children and youth. A committee was formed to work with this and to interview individuals who will be working with these children. Committee members are Karen Harrison, Donna Williford, Michael Hensley and Cheryl Hancock.

The congregation is asked again this year to help with some supplies for the schools. There will be a box in the foyer or you may take them to the office. Supplies needed from us this year are 400 #2 pencils and one subject notebooks, wide rule. We need this by August 12th.

Moving date for Rev. Pick is June 27th. July 2nd will be her first day to preach at FUMC Mexia. We discussed some things on how the church could help them and what would work for them. Name tags at the first service would be a big help. Also, the precedence of the church has always been that if the Pastor has a child or children that would be in Pre-School, they would have a 50% discount for the Pre- School.

Last Item, Bette Thetford was appointed chairman of the Worship Committee. Cheryl Karkheck made a motion for Pastor Danny to close with prayer. All were in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Bette Thetford, Secretary