The month of June typically means a time of change for many people. For some it will mark the end of the school year, and for others it will mark the arrival of hotter weather, and still for others, it will be a time for vacations and other activities away from home. In our church, the month of June this year will offer many changes and opportunities. Our opportunities will include Annual Conference, the youth mission trip to Orange, Texas, Vacation Bible School, and of course there is Father’s Day. Changes occurring this month will include the retirement of one pastor and the arrival of the new pastor and family. This pastor change will also mark the first time a pastor has actually lived in the church parsonage in four years! So much will be taking place during this month.

As we look ahead, there are some dates for us to be mindful. These would include the following:

On June 5 the Church Board, Church Staff, and their spouses will meet Jennifer Pick, her hus-band, Todd, and the District Superintendent, Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory. This special meet-ing will be the first opportunity for the Board and Staff to meet the new pastor and get ac-quainted.

Annual Conference will begin the evening of June 11 and end on June 14. This year the Con-ference will be held at First United Methodist Church in Mansfield. Pastor Danny will be attending along with Lay representatives Jill and Clint Flatt. Michael Hensley will also be attending and serve in a Teller role.

June 18 marks the beginning of the Youth Mission Trip to Orange, Texas. They will be going with youth from other United Methodist and Baptist churches in Hubbard, Coolidge, and Dawson.

June 26 is the beginning of Vacation Bible School.

Other dates and events to reflect on also include:

June 4 there will be a Retirement Reception for Danny and Gretchen.

June 10 is the date for the memorial service for Gretchen’s mother, Fannie Chamberlain, at Gaddis Memorial UMC in Comfort, Texas. Pastor Danny will be assisting with the service.

June 17 is a church workday to clean things around the church and the church parsonage.

June 18 will be the last Sunday that Pastor Danny will preach and be in the pulpit here.

June 22 will be the last day for Pastor Danny to be in the church office.

June 25 will be the first time that Maurine Day will preach, as she begins her move to becom-ing a Lay Servant in The United Methodist Church.T

June 28 will be the first official day for Jennifer Pick as the new pastor. (We are not sure of her moving date at this time, but will inform you of it as soon as it is known.)

July 2 will be the first Sunday for Jennifer Pick to be in the pulpit to preach.

September 3 will be the first Sunday Pastor Danny will preach in the next church that he will pastor. This is a small church in the Central District and cannot be named to you until final details are completed by the District Superintendent.

By now you may have something called “date overload” with all these June dates. These dates just means there are a lot of activities and a lot of things to remember for June.

Several people have asked me about my pending retirement, including our District superinten-dent, Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory. My response to her and to the others has been this, “I don’t know. I have never done it before!” In life we do a lot of things, but unless we have experienced it per-sonally, it only remains speculation and guessing at best. So until I fully experience it, I am speculating that my retirement will be a good thing. I do know that I will have a long “honey-do list” by the time it arrives!

Being blessed more than I deserve,
Pastor Danny