The Church Board met on May 18, 2017 in the Fellowship Hall. Those present were Cheryl Karkheck, Jill Flatt, Donna Williford, Bennie Green, Valerie Lang, Terry Don Shivers, Pastor Danny Niedecken, Ka-ren Harrison, Don Beene, Bette Thetford and Maurine Day. Pastor Danny opened with prayer. Don Beene moved to accept the minutes as presented.

Pastor Danny gave the report on the Pre-School for Sherry Miller in her absence. Everything is going well, there is a waiting list of children. A bid from Bi- Stone for additional work was presented to the Board. A door needs to be installed into the kitchen. Build and install bi-fold shutters in window, cut hole in wall and install door unit into other room and build wooden ramp to door facing church. The bid is for $3790. Don Beene made a motion to accept this bid and Terry Don seconded it. Motion passed.

On the matter of making a change in the amount of financial assistance for an individual or family we ap-proved the change from $500.00 to $300.00. Maurine said we need one more person to be on the list to sign checks, so Don Beene was appointed to be a check signer.

We have had three people requesting scholarships. Two from our church and one is not. We only give scholarships to members of our church. We have $2081.79 in one fund and $750 in another. We have appointed a scholarship committee. The members are Donna Williford, Valerie Lang, Karen Harrison and Cheryl Karkheck.

We are having issues with the kitchen drain located in the floor. Busby came out to check it . The man who came out said he found dirt when he inspected it and needed his boss to come out. No one has shown up, so we were talking about getting someone else out as we need to have it fixed as we can only use one of the sinks right now. They also did not fix one of the commode seats and the water fountain.

We are hoping to be able to start on repairs on the Parsonage by maybe the 5th of June. It needs some painting and the carpet needs to come up in the two front bedrooms and some laminate put down. Also some furniture will need to come out.

Other items: Our Youth Director, Michael Hensley, will be staying on with our church as he turned down the offer of two churches. They would not let him do both churches plus our Youth group as they felt that would be too much for him. He chose to stay with us as Youth Minister. He will continue at the same sal-ary of $1000.00 a month.

Pastor Danny met with our new Pastor Jennifer Pick a couple of weeks ago. He showed her around the Church and the Pre-School. He said the visit was great and he really likes her. We have set a date of June 5th for the Board and staff and spouses to meet her and her husband. The D.S. will be here also. We plan to have a catered meal.

A member of our congregation made an offer on some of Mrs. Price’s jewelry. The offer of $3,000.00 was for the diamond necklace, one ring, and the nugget. Don Beene made a motion to accept it. He said he would rather a member of the church have it. Karen Harrison seconded it. The rest of the jewelry will go in the auction at the Fall Festival with a starting figure suggested. Karen is in charge of the Fall Festi-val and she is going to have a meeting on Sunday June 4th right after church of those who are interested in helping out with the Fall Festival. The Festival will be held on Saturday Oct.28th.

The double doors from the Sanctuary to the court yard need to be replaced. Bennie said we would table this until we find out about the kitchen drain issue. A House and Grounds committee was formed with Don Beene, Buddy Williford, Galen Day and Mike Lange.

June 10th will be a work day at the Church and the Parsonage.
June 18th will be Pastor Danny’s last Sunday at church.
June 28th Pastor Jennifer will be here.

Pastor Danny closed with prayer.

Respectively submitted,
Bette Thetford