February has been a fun month for our youth! We have been studying Apologetics and looking at world religions that sound like Christianity until you look past the surface; then they sometimes get a little out there. I believe this study is showing our students the importance of really knowing what we be-lieve and why, to keep us from being led astray.

Parents Night Out was a lot of fun and ,even though not as big as we hoped, was a success. This month there are several opportunities to help serve the youth of our communities. On March 25th we will be hosting the Princess Project where Sunday and I will be transforming our fellowship hall into a boutique for second hand and donated prom dresses. I know this is going to be a great opportunity to make these young ladies feel special whether they have money for a fancy dress or not. Whether or not you know what you might do, I encourage you to just be here. The more happy smiling faces they see when they walk in the door the more welcomed they will feel.

Then on the 26th we will be heading to Dallas for the Rock and Worship Roadshow. This is a big concert and worship event. We are taking the youth, but we don't want to leave anyone out! Tickets are $15 so please let me know if you would like to go.

VBS first planning meeting will be on April 2 after church. This meeting shouldn't be very long but I would like to just get everyone together to look at the theme and see who our volunteers are. This will give us an opportunity to brainstorm and an idea of what else we need.

I would also encourage each of you to pray for our church as we prepare for this upcoming transi-tion. I know that God has already prepared the perfect minister to serve

Him here at FUMC Mexia.

In His love