The Church Board met on 02-16-2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Those present were Cheryl Karkheck, Donna Williford, Cheryl Hancock, Dan Franks, Bennie Green, Valerie Lang, Terry Don Shivers, Karen Harrison, Don Beene, Bette Thetford, Maurine Day, Pastor Danny and Sherry Miller. Pastor Danny opened the meeting with prayer. Bennie Green asked if there were any changes or additions to the minutes. There were none and Terry Don made a motion to approve the minutes and Cheryl Karkheck seconded the motion.

Pastor Danny requested that Sherry Miller begin a monthly report on the Pre-School at each Board meeting. Sherry said everything was good in what they were doing but the financials were not so good. With the public schools giving free Pre-K for four year olds, it has really put them in a bind. They are paying their bills but they are being frugal with their money. They have an enrollment of 66 children with two more infants coming in May. There is a need for more older ones as they are limited on the number of infants due to lack of space. She ex-plained about the current charges to CCS parents. Depending on their “Star” rating, their re-imbursement rate may increase. She gave us a written report on all of this information which we need to keep in our notebooks for future reference. We are thinking about the possibility of a scholarship from the church but will consider this at a later date. Also more space is needed for the children. Sherry and Pastor Danny will meet concerning this soon, with the possibility of using the Pre-School lunch room as additional class room. More on this later.

Maurine went over the financials with us. The doors for the Fellowship Hall have been ordered at a cost of $9,685.00. The money has already been allocated for this. The $5,000 we had set aside for a consultant on the Endowment Fund has not been charged to us because most of her conversations with Maurine have been by phone. After some discussion Don Beene made a motion to put it back in the Endowment Fund and Cheryl Karkheck seconded it. It was approved. Our future financial picture is not looking good if the giving keeps going down. We have upkeep and maintenance and its approaching a point where the church needs re-pairs. We may need to add to the budget and have salary cuts. Pastor Danny said we may have to have a Local Pastor but no decision has been made yet.

Update on repairs: The windows in the Sanctuary are in the process of going in. We are still having outdoor lighting issues and lights in the Sanctuary need bulbs changed. Bennie Green is going to contact Doug Jones about using scaffolding to reach the lights. Also she will talk with him about some of our lighting issues and possibly using LED lights. We have already designated $5000.00 for lighting work. Someone made a donation of $810.00 to be used wherever we need it. Don Beene made a motion to put it in the Building Maintenance Fund and Karen Harrison seconded it. The motion was passed. The doors have been ordered for the Fellowship Hall. Cheryl Karkheck made a motion to move $16,000 from the Money Market Account at Incommons Bank. Don Beene seconded the motion. Also the water fountain needs to be fixed.

Terry Don asked if we ever gave a scholarship to a student who is not a member of our church. Maurine read the rules on that and the answer was no we do not.

Karen Harrison volunteered to be Chairman of the Fall Festival in October.

During Holy Week we will have something at noon time. It will be determined as to exactly what and Pastor Danny will let the congregation know. Michael and Sherry Miller will be teaching a Lenten Study on Creed. Books can be picked up on March 1st in the Board Room at 5:30 pm and classes will start the following Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Michael also plans, in the Fall, to have a study of Alpha for all who are interested. More on this later.

Bennie Green closed the meeting with prayer.

Bette Thetford, Secretary