The Church Board met on Thursday, January 19, for their initial meeting in 2017. After an opening prayer and the approval of minutes, the 2017 Church Board was welcomed by Pastor Danny and Board Chair, Terry Don Shivers.

The new Church Board is composed of the following:

Class of 2017: Cheryl Karhkeck, Dan Franks, and Bette Thetford
Class of 2018: Bennie Green, Valerie Lang, and T. D. Shivers
Class of 2019: Don Beene, Karen Harrison, and Donna Williford
Lay Leader: Cheryl Hancock
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Jill Flatt

The first order of business was for the election of the Church Board Chair and other officers for 2017. The following positions were filled following nominations and election: Board Chair: Bennie Green, Vice-Chair: Valerie Lang, and Secretary: Bette Thetford.

The Board briefly looked at the church financial reports, but having reviewed them earlier, did not have any significant questions. The Board then moved to a review of the report from the Endowment Sub-Committee, which had met ear-lier in the week. The Sub-Committee had met with Dave Chilcoat, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, and after much discussion had decided to move the Endowment Fund from a Balanced toward Income Fund (25%/75%) to a Balance toward Growth Fund (65%/35%). In making this move, more money will be placed in selected funds that will have greater growth potential than the bond market, which is where a large portion is currently invested. While there is more up and down potential in doing this, all felt it was worth the change to increase the growth potential. This com-plete move of money and funds will take approximately one year to complete. Therefore, the Sub-Committee made this recommendation to the Board and after much discussion the Board passed the recommendation with all positive votes.

Also in the financial area, the Board also approved three new policies that will be managed and guided by the Church Board. The three policies include: Investment Policy, Spending Policy, and Gift Acceptance Policy. In addition to these, the Board also approved the gift of $1,000 to the Central District to assist churches that could not meet their apportionments.

The Board then moved to discuss the areas needing repairs around the church. Bennie Green reported the window replacement in the sanctuary foyer is scheduled to begin when the windows arrive, which should be within a week. The panels that will be installed have arrived and will be installed with the windows. The Board had previously dis-cussed replacing all of the exterior doors (except the front glass doors) and after discussion voted to replace the doors at a bid of $9,685. The new doors will be all metal, with metal frames, and have panic bars on the inside. The need for better exterior lighting around the church at night was discussed as was the lighting need in the sanctuary. Money had previously been given to address the sanctuary choir area and permission was granted to have an electrician ad-dress this issue. It was noted that the lists of areas needing repaired around the church should be published in case someone might desire to take care of a particular area.

The Calendar Committee recently met and a list of the calendar events planned for 2017 was presented. These events will be published in the church newsletter.
Pastor Danny reported an update on the Music Director position by sharing that Sunday Crider had rescinded her let-ter of resignation and would be remaining in her role as Music Director. (This item had been kept quiet in hopes that this would happen – and it did! Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Sunday.)

The Board reviewed several “Thank You” notes from the Preschool staff and the church staff for providing their Christ-mas Gifts. The Board briefly discussed a focus on hospitality and ideas for improving our foyer area.

Pastor Danny made the announcement that he had made the decision to fully retire on July 1 and that a new pastor would be appointed to begin on that date. He noted work would be needed in the church parsonage and recommend-ed the placing of new carpet in the bedrooms. The meeting was then adjourned.