As I write this, the days of February are fast on the decline and March is preparing to blow in with a gust (or more likely with a cold front).  March will bring some changes as it moves before us.  Perhaps the biggest change will occur on March 8 as we move our clocks forward and gain more daylight.  And who knows, since we live in Texas, the continuing change in weather may bring other surprises.

Welcome to our newest members . . .

On Sunday, February 15, we welcomed Noah and Claudia New as new members.  This couple has returned to Mexia after many years of living away.  They were both raised in Mexia and were even married in this church.  So we welcome Noah and Claudia back home!

Open Forum meeting . . .

On Sunday, March 15 at 5:00, we will hold a church Open Forum meeting to discuss several items, one of which will be the Single Board Model for church leadership.  If you recall, in a recent newsletter, I provided various pieces of information regarding the Single Board Model and how it would impact the church.  I even listed some books for further reading.  If you did not receive a copy of that newsletter, please call the church office and we will send you a copy.

Also, in an effort to assist everyone in their understanding of the Single Board Model, we have ordered a few copies of the books that were listed in that newsletter article.  These can be purchased or borrowed from the church office.  If you borrowed a book, remember to read and not mark in the books, as others will be waiting.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity of an Open Forum church meeting.  Some pastors dread them, but I see them as an opportunity to listen to the congregation, to understand where everyone is, to hear differences, to get new ideas, to educate, and to openly dialogue with one another.  So come and join in our discussion on March 15.  By coming, you will not have to ask someone, “What did they talk about?”

Chris Fullerton preaching Sunday . . .

Chris Fullerton, our Youth Director, will be preaching for me this Sunday, March 8, as Gretchen and I will be out of town.  Chris has been doing an exceptional job with our youth, so come and support him as he shares God’s Word.

Chris has preached before, but this will be his first sermon in a United Methodist Church.  I joked on Sunday that he would do his Baptist roots thing and preach for one and one-half hours.  Don’t see him preaching that long, but I do see him bringing something to hear.  Let me ask that you put Chris in your prayers and hold him there as we await his message on Sunday.

Easter preparations . . .

As we begin the month of March, it is a clear warning that Easter is not far away and will be here on Sunday, April 5.  To assist in our preparation for Easter Sunday, we will again be having a mid-day Brown Bag Holy Week Study led by the pastor.  The study will begin at 12:15 each day and be over by 12:45.  Coffee and tea will be available, but no food, thus the name brown bag, with you furnishing the brown bag and the contents.  So come join in this time of preparation beginning on Monday and continuing through Good Friday.

On Thursday evening of Holy Week, we will hold a Maundy Thursday service

As I have found myself thinking about Easter, I can recall a time when my mother and sister would excitedly be shopping for a new Easter “hat.”  It was not only them, but nearly all women at that time would wear a new hat to church on Easter Sunday.  In reflecting on this topic of women’s Easter hats, I am most aware of dating myself.  For instance, when was the last time you saw a woman wear a hat to church?  Also, if you had to purchase an Easter hat, where would you go to buy one?  Does Wal-Mart even sell them? 

Isn’t it amazing how one little reflection can suddenly make you feel really old!


In closing . . .

As you move through the month of March, I pray it will be a great month for you.  I pray it will also be a special time of reflection as you engage the Lenten Season and prepare for Easter Sunday.  May God touch us all as we move into this most special spiritual time.

Being blessed more than I deserve,

Pastor Danny